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ICT is taught in a cross-curricular way and should be part of all curriculum subjects. Most schools do not have specific ICT projects but integrate ICT as part of a route of ongoing educational activities. Typical applications of ICT include the use of information search tools, word processing, audio, video and administrative tools.

There has been a lack of engagement at a policy level relating to other ICT functionality within education. For example, computer gaming, the use of IWB, mind-mapping and other social software is generally underdeveloped in Austrian schools although things are developing slowly, especially within the secondary phase of education. The secondary school curriculum specifies professional as well as social competencies, such as self- management, self-directed learning, and ability to collaborate and to take responsibility. ICT is taught as a separate subject (Network Technologies), although it is not compulsory and therefore not offered by all schools (OECD, 2009, p24).

Computer Science is a compulsory subject in the fifth year of all schools. It is taught in two lessons each week. More generally, ICT supports teaching and learning in each curriculum subject at each phase. The initiatives outlined above all feature a clear subject component that the use of ICT as a tool for teaching and learning can support.