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The development of digital learning resources has been helped by specific Government funded projects such as the eContent Initiative. Within this, teaching and learning software, alongside other eLearning materials, have been developed and distributed through networks under the control of provincial (federal) groups, independent subject-focused groups and individual schools. There seems to have been a significant collaboration between teachers, developers and publishers in this initiative. It is hoped that half the classes in Austrian schools will be provided with eLearning materials in all subjects by the end of 2010.

The Ministry of Education's education portal provides a 'one-stop-shop'- for all matters related to using ICT in education. This is set to undergo further development over the next few years to become an 'eContent clearing house' that will offer a broad range of quality web-based educational content for teachers and students.

The 'Education Highway' is another important portal with more than 36 various subjects, an informatics specific portal with advisors on open source solutions, and a platform to teach government related issues.

The national development of the Edumoodle program has shown that VLEs are in great demand in Austrian schools. The free Edumoodle VLE has been taken up by many schools (with ILIAS and dotLRN being popular in two other Länder); 1200 further school locations are currently being developed.