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Research shows that computers are used by 88% of teachers in Austrian primary schools. Of these teachers, 59% of them use computers in class for presentation or demonstration; 97% of them have pupils working with computers during their classes.

Almost all (99%) Austrian primary schools have access to computers within the school and are connected to the Internet.

Primary school teachers in Austrian are broadly supportive about the use of ICT when compared to other European countries. However, they are amongst the most sceptical about the impact that ICT can have on a child's learning. This should not be mistaken for utter scepticism. Rather, research points to these teachers having a balanced attitude profile (STEPS, 2009, p4). Austrian teachers 'somewhat agree' rather than 'strongly agree' about the motivational effects of ICT on pupils.

The vast majority of Austrian primary school teachers feel confident about their use of ICT (87%). Around 11% can be classified as novice ICT users.

In terms of barriers to the further use of ICT within this part of the Austrian educational sector, the following issues have been identified by some teachers:

  • Dissatisfaction with the internet connection speed (29%);
  • A lack of computers (31%) and associated maintenance and support of the ICT infrastructure within the school (62%);
  • Difficulty in finding adequate learning materials for teaching (19%);
  • Lack of quality learning materials (20%).