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In order to describe innovative practice in this country, National Pedagogical Co-ordinators have been asked to specify 3-4 criteria against which they would judge innovative practice and also to describe innovative practitioners who are making exemplary uses of ICT.

The three criteria against which innovative practice might be judged in Austria are as follows.

  1. Using an e-learning web site or a blended learning platform for everyday work.
  2. Using interactive learning features including an interactive whiteboard or beamer.
  3. Sharing content with other students (including international students) beyond the classroom or school through for example social networking tools such as blogs and wikis more than once a month.

In Austria a lot of teachers have experience with national ICT projects. The main goal over the next few years should be to develop students’ use of interactive whiteboards. The main pedagogical issue will be the change of focus from "teacher-centred work" to "student-organised modules". This should involve using the Internet for collecting information and evaluation/rating of learning resources. Content should be shared beyond the school walls via ICT, for example through Skype, and the use of IWBs and smartphones in the classroom. The use of "modules" to provide specialised education on the second level education (in Austria at the age of 14 to 18) will be another very important topic for the next years.