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There are no content development strategies involving publishers or open source initiatives at national level.

In the French speaking cantons of Switzerland, it is the cantonal ministries of education which coordinate the production of e-content whereas e-content in German language is developed by private publishers and thus not governed by the state. There is no coordination among publishers, but some inter-cantonal initiatives exist for the production of e-content, including web-based e-content, as well as apps for teaching and learning.

Most of the initiatives are meant to be piloting initiatives in the context of the current activities for a harmonisation of curricula (PER and Lehrplan21). There are so far no large scale initiatives for the production of e-content. The main reasons are the high production costs and non-proprietary web-based solutions (including OER) which are likely to be favoured in the future.

As a rule, existing print media are not being digitalised to be used electronically because of barriers such as existing user habits, didactic concepts and the state of hard-and software equipment in schools. For the time being, it is decided on a case by case basis which form of digitalisation, if any, makes sense. Generally speaking, the production of e-content focuses rather on newly conceived content. Content for Interactive Whiteboards is of special importance to teachers.

For the tertiary level and vocational training, e-content offers (courses, classes, materials for blended learning) are widespread and generally of high quality. They thus meet international standards.

The digital media for teaching and learning produced by several government bodies, associations and industry in various fields of interest such as STEM education, sports, energy production, theory and practice of economy do usually not form part of a formal curriculum. There are also various Public Private Partnership initiatives in the field: Teacher training universities and universities generally cooperate with industry in the production of digital media.

Also, the Swiss Education Server has already offered for many years a database for worksheets, which are mostly created by teachers for teachers. The database is searchable both by a catalogue or a search engine1. Moreover, there are in Switzerland a number of regional portals, which distribute user content.

1. The Swiss Education Server. Database for worksheets.  (in German, French and Italian) http://unterricht.educa.ch/de/worksheet