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Switzerland is a multilingual and federalist country with a largely decentralized education system. Most decisions on the running of primary and secondary schools are taken at the political level of the federal states (called cantons) and not at national level (called Confederation). This includes the promotion and integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in teaching and learning. Nevertheless, this is a policy field where the Confederation and the cantons work together (within the scope of their powers) in order to jointly ensure the high quality and accessibility of the Swiss Education Area. The Federal Council's strategy to ensure digital literacy in all aspects and on all school levels focuses on two main objectives:

  • To integrate ICT in teaching at all levels both as a tool and a resource for all subjects, as well as a set of related competences to be taught in the framework of general media education
  • To ensure digital literacy: to enable all pupils to acquire the necessary competences but also promoting equal opportunities with respect to ICT and media.

Within this framework, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), the ministerial body responsible for education at federal level, funds the federal contribution to the Swiss Educational Server (educa.ch). SERI also supports the international activities of the Swiss Agency for ICT in Education (SFIB-CTIE) in the area of ICT and education. These activities aim at:

  • Ensuring that Switzerland takes an active role as a member of European Schoolnet (EUN) by engaging in the exchange of information between Switzerland and other European countries on ICT and education issues
  • Coordinating the possible participation of Swiss Educational institutions (coordinating bodies, institutions, departments, schools) in international projects in the field of education and ICT
  • Ensuring that Swiss educational institutions, especially schools, benefit from the country’s participation in international projects, particularly those concerning the use of ICT resources for teaching and learning.