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Since 2010, over 800 teachers from 19 countries across Europe have contributed to designing the future classroom through taking part in the iTEC project.

So far, over 2000 classes have benefited from the principle of innovation being introduced to their teaching and learning. through iTEC's Learning Activities.

All the resources are freely accessible online: Start using iTEC Learning Activities in your classroom now!

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Ana Paula Alves
AEFS - Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Francisco Sanches
Last login: 14/01/2016
Onur Kalafat
Dağlıca İlköğretim Okulu
Last login: 28/08/2015
Elina Jokisalo
EUN Partnership AISBL
Last login: 27/08/2015
Cathal Ó Cléirigh
EUN Partnership AISBL
Last login: 12/06/2015
tarik bagriyanik
Tuzla Teknik ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi
Last login: 25/05/2015