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iTEC project results iTEC project results


The public iTEC deliverables are available here.

Num.Title of deliverableWork PackageDelivery dateLink
D1.1Charter for iTEC Associate PartnersWP1M3PDF
D1.3.1Intermediate public reportWP1M24

PDF (full)

PDF (short)


Final public report: Magazine "Designing the future classroom" Nº2, August 2014

D2.11st Summary Report of scenario development processWP2M8PDF
D2.22nd Summary Report of scenario development processWP2M20PDF 
D2.33rd Summary Report of scenario development processWP2M27PDF
D2.44th Summary Report of scenario development processWP2M48PDF
D3.11st Report on Design prototypes and design challenges for educationWP3M12PDF
D3.22nd Report on Design prototypes and design challenges for educationWP3
D3.3Final Report on iTEC prototypingWP3M36PDF
D3.4Edukata Participatory Design Model, Facilitator Guide for Designing Learning ActivitiesWP3M40PDF
D4.1Teacher skills and competence development for classrooms of the futureWP4M12PDF
D4.21st Validation Report on large-scale pilotingWP4M7PDF
D4.32nd Validation Report on large-scale pilotingWP4M22PDF
D4.43rd Validation Report on large-scale pilotsWP4M35PDF
D4.54th Validation Report on large-scale pilotsWP4M43 
D4.7Critical review of develpments strategies and activity in communitites of practiceWP4M24PDF 
D4.8Final report on iTEC large-scale pilotsWP4M46PDF
D5.1iTEC Evaluation planWP5M6PDF
D5.2Evaluation Interim Report 1WP5M11PDF

Evaluation Interim Report 1

Cycle 1 Cycle 2

Evaluation Interim Report 3

Cycle 4:

Summary report C1,2,3: Evidence of the impact of iTEC on learning and teaching (May 2013)


iTEC Final Evaluation Report

D6.1iTEC training requirements and v1 of iTEC training materialsWP6M8PDF
D6.2iTEC environments manual V1WP6M15PDF 
D6.3iTEC environments manual V2WP6M27ZIP
D6.4iTEC environments manual V3 (Replacement: Toolset 4.2 of the Future Classroom Toolkit)WP6M39PDF
D6.6.1Examples of shared practice iTEC environmentsWP6M10PDF
D6.6.2Examples of shared practice iTEC environmentsWP6M34PDF
D6.7iTEC WP6 ActivitiesWP6 PDF
D8.1Initial investigate summary of tools and development of mash-up connectorsWP8M12PDF
D8.2Information modelof services/tools/plugins and enrichments of mash-up shellsWP8M24PDF 
D8.3Technology evaluation report with demonstrator maintenance and support proceduresWP8M36PDF
D8.4iTEC final technical reportWP8M48PDF
D9.1Analysis and Design documents for the directoryWP9M12PDF 
D9.2Release of the directoryWP9M21


Updated Nov2012: PDF

D9.3Report on metrics for the directory deployment and useWP9M36PDF
D9.4Report on lessons learned from directory maintenanceWP9M46 
D10.1Support implementing iTEC Engaging Scenarios V1WP10M12PDF
D10.2Support implementing iTEC Engaging Scenarios V2WP10M24

PDF (main)

PDF (annexes)

D10.3Support implementing iTEC Engaging Scenarios V3WP10M36PDF
D10.4Support implementing iTEC Engaging Scenarios V4WP10M48PDF 
D11.1Website containing promotional materialsWP11M1www
D11.2.11st workshop for stakeholders at an international conferenceWP11M16PDF 
D11.2.22nd workshop for stakeholders at an international conferenceWP11M28PDF
D11.2.33rd workshop for stakeholders at an international conferenceWP11M30PDF
D11.3First report from high level groupWP11M24PDF
D11.4Final report from high level groupWP11M48 
iTEC Exploitation Plan V1
iTEC Exploitation Plan V2
Supplement: iTEC comms plan Y2 (internal deliverable) PDF
iTEC Exploitation Plan V3
iTEC Exploitation Plan V4


Restricted deliverables Restricted deliverables

The restricted deliverables (RE)

Num.Title of deliverableWork PackageDelivery dateLink
D1.2.1Project periodic report Y1WP1M12PDF
D1.2.2Project periodic report Y2WP1M24PDF 
D1.2.3Project periodic report Y3WP1M36PDF
D4.6Future Classroom Scenarios – Open online courseWP4M48PDF
D6.5Technical support service establishedWP6M12PDF
D7.1First generation of iTEC shells and composerWP7M12PDF
D7.2 Second generation of iTEC shells and composer WP7 M24 PDF 
D7.3Third generation of iTEC shells and composerWP7M36PDF