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iTEC is about designing the future classroom. The project, which involves 15 Ministries of Education from across Europe, brings together teachers, policymakers, pedagogical experts - representatives from each stage of the educational processes - to introduce innovative teaching practices.

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Toshiba joins iTEC project

The iTEC project received a boost with the announcement of Toshiba’s joining the project as an Associate Partner. It is expected that Toshiba, which has been involved in a number educational initiatives previously, will provide expertise to support scenario development initially, working with iTEC partner Futurelab. Following on from these initial activities, it is envisaged that Toshiba will later provide technology used for piloting new pedagogical processes in schools, while increasing the number of schools involved in the pilots.

"Expanding the network of partners involved in the iTEC pilots will not only enable the project to better examine how innovative technologies can be deployed in classrooms but also to mainstream innovative teaching and learning practices and take them to scale" explains Marc Durando, Executive Director of European Schoolnet, the organisation that coordinates the iTEC project.

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