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Visualising the planet surface: virtual school trip

Francesca Panzica is a primary school teacher from Florence, Italy. When her school, Lastra a Signa, became involved in the iTEC project, she decided to use iTEC’s Learning Activities to teach her class about different cities around the world

The Learning Activity, 'Visualising the planet surface', took the form of a virtual school trip to London. Francesca first divided her class into groups, using the TeamUp tool. Pupils then researched the city, using Google docs to share their findings. Once their research had been gathered and collated, students then worked together to create multimedia presentations for the assignment, involving images, interactive maps, and audio recordings.

According to Francesca, the activity had a very positive affect on the on the pupils:

“There was a change in the students’ working methods: they worked in groups and discussed in a new way, and the students started to collaborate with new classmates”.

She also felt that the students were not the only ones to benefit from the new classroom practices: “With this scenario, I have used the interactive whiteboard in a new way”.

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