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PuntoEdu is the principle environment within which multimedia educational content has been developed. It is a learning platform, launched in 2001, and designed to be used in a blended learning model to support teacher training and professional development. It currently contains over 3,000 learning objects which have been developed for teachers' online training by the teachers themselves. The majority of teachers' training is supported through this platform although use for professional development purposes is decreasing and teachers see PuntoEdu more as a library of resources (Parigi & Rossi, 2010). Over time, teachers’ interest in this platform has grown and evaluations of its use have improved. Several aspects are being improved.

In addition to this, there are other user-generated databases of curriculum materials. These include Dia (a digital database of 25,000 images dealing with every subject in the curriculum), Gold (a database of 'best practices') and Musiknet (a virtual museum of music).

Since 2000, common technical issues with the platform have been replaced by issues concerned with pedagogy. This is probably because the change in attitudes towards social networks and their increasing prevalence have ensured that teachers are happier operating and finding materials within PuntoEdu. The challenge then, of course, is what to do with them, and the environment itself, within their pedagogy.