iTEC environments iTEC environments

The vision of the iTEC project focuses on innovative and engaging technologies and how they may be used to make teaching and learning better and more engaging. The technologies in question include mobile devices, interactive whiteboard technologies and software, and a wide range of web-based tools and services.

In the iTEC technical vision, iTEC environments are defined as environments that are based on a 'shell' that allows the teacher to tailor a learning environment, i.e. to set it up with services or functionalities in the form of tools, applications, content etc. that support the activities of a given lesson plan.

The iTEC environments consist of the following tools and services:

  • The iTEC Cloud and UMAC (User Management and Access Control)
  • The Composer
  • The Widget Store
  • The People and Events directory

as well as the following environments:

  • Moodle
  • dotLRN
  • Promethean ActivInspire and Planet
  • SMART Notebook and Exchange