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The educational system in Lithuania is managed on several levels. The Ministry of Education and Science (MoES) is the national, central government group, but below this there are regional (county) governmental bodies, municipal (local) governmental bodies and, of course, the governing bodies of individual schools.

As part of the work of the MoES, the Centre of Information Technologies of Education (CITE) has been formed. CITE is responsible for the national policy formation and the implementation of main governmental programmes for the introduction of ICT within education. At the level of the individual state, there are other national educational networks and services being established. But, increasingly, power is being devolved outwards to the individual municipalities and schools. So, the purchase of new hardware and software, the training of teachers to use these, and the production of educational software and content are all increasingly the responsibility of individual municipalities and schools rather than delivered through a county or nationwide framework.

That said the central Government programme is still important. At the moment, a Strategy and Programme for the Introduction of ICT into Lithuanian General and Vocational Education is in place, covering the time period from 2008 – 2012. The vision of this strategy is to create new and flexible student and teacher learning environments and personalised learning possibilities. It covers a number of goals, including:

  • Digital learning content;
  • The provision of appropriate hardware and software for all schools;
  • Competence in the use of these technologies for all;
  • The development of school management strategies within new electronic spaces.