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Mainstreaming iTEC pilot results – recommendations to teachers, MoE, ICT vendors and EC

The iTEC High Level Group has issued a series of recommendations on implementing iTEC’s learning activities across a larger scale. The recommendations are aimed at teachers, Ministries of Education, ICT vendors and European Commission.

The report emphasises the need for top-down strategies of policy-makers and ministries in mainstreaming the results of the iTEC school pilots to be complemented by a bottom-up, large-scale grassroots adoption of iTEC learning activities by teachers on an individual basis. This process should be supported by ministries of education, training agencies, etc.

The iTEC project and the work of the High Level Group feed directly into a number of the European Commission’s educational initiatives; Europe 2020 strategy, Strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020), and the Digital Agenda for Europe, among others. The iTEC project is part of a broader commitment at a pan-European level to reforming and modernising the education system, and increasing Europe’s competitiveness through eLearning. To read the recommendations in full, download the report here.