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Spanish region joins iTEC as Associate Partner

For over ten years, the Extremadura region in south-west Spain has consistently promoted the use of ICT in teaching and learning. By joining iTEC as an Associate Partner, the region’s teachers will benefit further through the principle of innovation being introduced to their classroom practice. Thirty-eight Extremaduran schools will take part in the iTEC activities.

The promotion and development of ICT, including the focus on technological classrooms and the involvement of ICT in the teaching-learning process, is a priority for the regional Ministry of Education. The achievements to date include 30% of schools already having fibre optic cable connection, over 30,000 laptops distributed to teachers and pupils, and provision of 1,700 interactive whiteboards to schools.

Prior to the project announcement, the Ministry of Education and Culture of Extremadura had already collaborated on the initiative, by adapting iTEC learning scenarios for local use, including mapping the local environment’s biodiversity, and introducing flexible learning across a range of digital platforms.

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