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First iTEC school pilot successfully completed

Teachers found the TeamUp tool to be particularly usefulThe evaluation results of the first iTEC school pilots (cycle 1) are about to be published. The results are based on questionnaires from 280 participating teachers, and over 40 case studies of Learning Story implementation from across Europe.

The majority of teachers implemented the Outdoor Study project, either on its own (58%), or combined with Working with Outside Experts (26%). Analysis of the data is still in progress, but early indications suggest that the majority of teachers believed that the Learning Stories were an innovative and important pedagogical tool. The TeamUp tool, an application developed by iTEC to facilitate group projects, came in for particular praise from teachers.

Participating teachers identified a number of benefits, including changes to pedagogical practices. Teachers who took part in the iTEC project enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with new teaching methods. In addition, teachers reported that participation had a positive impact on their use and understanding of digital tools. The majority of teachers in cycle 1 indicated that they would consider using the Learning Story again in future, and that they would recommend iTEC to other teachers.

The evaluation process was coordinated by the Manchester Metropolitan University, and supported by National Coordinators and teachers across Europe, without whom the evaluation would not have been possible.

The full evaluation report of the cycle 1 will be published during the second week of April, and will be available on the iTEC website. Also, the results will be presented in a webinar taking place on 25 April. The webinar is free and open to anyone interested. To participate in the webinar, register here.