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French teachers enthusiastic about new approaches to learning

The iTEC learning stories propose a wide range of innovative pedagogical approaches, such as personalisation and mobile learning. This is perfectly in line with the goals of the French Ministry of Education for the future classroom and French teachers participating in iTEC have recognised the interest of developing such approaches. One teacher commented: “I had never worked with outside experts such as a book writer from another country, and I had a good surprise when the author of a novel studied in class accepted to answer the students’ questions. This experience was very rewarding to my students and me.” Even experienced teachers such as iTEC’s participants are learning from the project.

Teachers also recognize the challenges behind the learning stories. Personalisation in teaching and learning, for example, is a major goal for them but it requires changes in the current organisation of the school time and physical spaces. The number of students per classroom, the time available for individual follow-up with students and the way teachers teach (one-to-many vs. interactive teaching) are some of the variables that determine the possibilities for developing personalisation at school. Another issue refers to technological development. Intelligent systems which could help teachers identify students’ needs and assess their performance are not available today, at least not to the educational community.

In France, the iTEC pilot is carried out by the Agency for the use of ICT in education, a department of the National Center for Pedagogical Documentation (CNDP). Ten teachers from different regions are currently involved in the project’s first cycle in France. This number will rise up to 80 teachers by the end of 2014.

Article by Mônica Macedo, CNDP