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iTEC in Turkey: educational technology with real-world applications

childre w/ laptopsDetermined to improve access to technology in Turkish schools, the Ministry of Education is carrying out a major initiative, FATIH, which will promote efficient use of ICT tools in teaching environments. To this end, the Ministry of Education is also implementing the iTEC project to expand the efficient use of ICT in Turkish schools.

The ongoing FATIH projects include the provision of tablet computers and smart boards in 42,000 schools across the country, and the creation of an educational resource portal, the EBA, that will provide teaching materials and community support for 770,000 teachers and 17 million students. These initiatives provide a good basis to carry out projects like iTEC.

The iTEC project in Turkey has been rolled out in 42 classes in 29 different schools. iTEC is introduced to the school curriculum through the use of learning stories - flexible frameworks that facilitate the use of technology-enhanced learning activities in classroom environments. In Turkey, learning stories have been implemented successfully in teaching English, science, Turkish, mathematics, and biology, among other subjects. The iTEC project in Turkey has seen significant results since its introduction, as illustrated by the comments of some of the teachers responsible for implementing the programme.

According to İbrahim Arisoy, the Head Teacher of Istanbul Uskudar Secondary School, “Thanks to in-class practices of learning stories, students were motivated during the class hours and beyond, and this helped students’ attainment a lot”.

[Students] had the opportunity to think about the strategies to apply to real-world environment and its problems. For instance, one of our project topic was the earthquakes in city Van. They had to search and collect data about tectonic earthquakes. Students had an appointment in Kandilli Observatory for earthquakes. This was a great experience for them to seek the specific knowledge from the real life rather than internet. Students enjoyed it a lot”, tells Özgür Karaer, a science teacher at Istanbul Umraniye Primary School.

The following videos provided by teachers show examples of how iTEC scenarios have been integrated into Turkish lessons and interview with teachers and students (Turkish language):