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iTEC trends consultation now open to all stakeholders

The trends survey is the latest opportunity for stakeholders to influence how the work of iTEC will develop!

The survey asks for your opinion about a number of key economic, political and educational trends which are unfolding now. The aim of the survey is to rank the trends so that we can work out the main priorities to address through iTEC.

What is a trend?

Broadly speaking, a trend is a shift of some description which is happening now, in the present, and which can be documented and observed. Examples include an economic development, a shared belief, a change in social practices, a grassroots movement, a behavioural pattern emerging as the result of new technologies, an actively pursued policy or strategy. At the same time, trends could be seen as paths leading to several possible images of the future. However, it is impossible to predict what will actually happen as too many complex variables need to be factored in.

What is this survey for?

The primary aim of this survey is to ask stakeholders (such as yourself) to identify those trends which are more relevant to education in Europe, and more likely to have an impact in the medium/long term.

The survey will be online until 8 April 2011. It should take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Don't think too much about the questions, and please answer even if you feel you don't know much about a trend. We are more interested in your impressions and perceptions than in your knowledge of political and economic affairs.

To go to the survey click here