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iTEC webinar on 21st century skills coming up

We have a new generation of learners who could be called as a "net gener@tion" for having access to new technologies and applying new ways of learning. The next iTEC webinar will be about them and the teachers who are teaching them.

"There's a new generation around the world that is the first to grow up digital. These kids are different and there is no more helpful force to change business and society than these hundreds of millions of media savvy youngsters." (Tapscott, 1999)

This webinar will take place on 14 June 2012 at 16:00 (CEST). Among other the following topics will be presented and discussed:

  • Demystifying digital natives and digital immigrants concepts
  • Updated news about how today's students' brains function: recent development in neurosciences about learning on Google
  • Today's reality in a yesterday's school: how well are schools and teachers prepared to deal with today's students' ways of learning and knowledge building
  • 21st century teachers: what does it mean and how to get there.

The presenters are both working closely in the iTEC project: Neuza Pedro, Professor at the Institute of Education at University of Lisbon and Lars Ingesman, Senior consultant at UNI-C, Denmark.

Registration for this webinar, as with all other iTEC webinars, is free of charge, and open to all those who are interested in participating. Register here