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iTEC: Cycle 2 evaluation

Since its launch in 2010, the iTEC project has been piloted in over 500 classrooms, across 16 countries. Teachers from across Europe have benefited from the principle of innovation being introduced to their teaching practice through use of iTEC Learning Activities. Earlier this month, the evaluation results of the second cycle of the iTEC school pilots were published.

The second cycle of the iTEC project saw Learning Activities piloted in 420 classrooms in 15 countries. The evaluation, compiled by iTEC partner Manchester Metropolitan University, made some significant findings. Most teachers reported that the Learning Activities that they piloted promoted innovation in their teaching through technology-enabled pedagogical change such as enhanced student autonomy and new approaches to assessment. Teachers also reported increased levels of motivation, for their own part, and also for the pupils.

The respondents reported an increased use of digital tools in their teaching, with many teachers indicating use of tools that they had not used before, but now considered essential to their teaching practice. In particular, 60% of teachers used TeamUp, and 52% used social networking tools such as Facebook or Edmodo.

To read the Cycle 2 Evaluation Report in full, click here. To learn more about the evaluations of the iTEC project to date, click here.