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Scenario Development Environment waits for you!

Scenario Development EnvironmentThe Scenario Development Environment (SDE) is a web application that provides support for the entire process of creating Future Classroom Scenarios: outlining Scenarios, discovering educational resources to be used in Scenarios, and drafting original Scenarios, but also adapting Future Classroom Scenarios created by others to teachers’ and students’ particular needs.

Outlining Scenarios

For the outlining of Scenarios, the SDE provides a simple editor, with a carefully designed interface. The users can also work collaboratively. The published works serve as an inspiration for other teachers, resulting perhaps in new, more exciting Scenarios. The published Scenarios are available at

Adding educational resources

The SDE makes discovering educational resources easy and quick. The users can explore numerous documentaries, places of interest, lectures, courses, biographies, and many other types of educational resources. The exploratory search in the SDE leads the user from one topic to another, and proposed similar resources to the ones already selected. To discover the exploratory search, take a look at the Iliad by Homer in the SDE.

Drafting Scenarios

For drafting Future Classroom Scenarios, the SDE provides a “lightweight” editor for creating narrative descriptions, which combine educational resources with text to form a storybook. Take a look to narratives created by other teachers in


Once starting to interact with the SDE — exploring, bookmarking educational resources, etc. — the tool will learn the topics of interest of each user and can make useful recommendations of educational resources. The SDE uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence techniques to provide this service.