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The curriculum framework is centralised and coordinated by the Ministry for Education. It is based on the development of a set of competencies. ICT is one of these competencies but it also crosses over into every other subject and competence area. Consequently, in education up to the 8th grade, ICT permeates through each subject area; in the 9th grade ICT exists as a specific subject. Here, the aim is to give ICT competences to every student. Students are assessed during the school year. There is no national examination in ICT.

There are interesting examples of how ICT has been integrated within different subject areas. For example, the Ramos study (Ramos, 2005) into the use of ICT within schools for language learning combined lesson observations with interviews with teachers and students. It found that:

  • ICT in the classroom stimulates students' curiosity and interest;
  • Students demonstrated a strong engagement with their tasks;
  • The interactions of students with their peers, teachers and ICT have a positive impact on their ability to communicate effectively.