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The Portuguese education system is managed by the Ministry for Education. The centralised Ministry of Education works alongside regional agents and services which are responsible for the direct administration of state schools at all teaching levels.

Since 2007 the Ministry has implemented a national strategy to modernise every school in respect of the ICT infrastructure and resources. This plan, called the Technological Plan for Education (PTE), is based around three key areas: technology, content and training.

The PTE is the current program to modernise every school’s use of ICT across Portugal. The main goals of this plan are:

  • To turn classes into interactive spaces of sharing knowledge without barriers or obstacles;
  • To certify teachers, students, and other school staff, with ICT competences;
  • To prepare students for the information society.

Since 2007, much has been achieved through this plan, including:

  • Every state school has been connected to the Internet by broadband;
  • There has been a large additional number of computers and other equipment such as interactive whiteboards provided to all schools;
  • The ratio of school students per computer has dropped each year;
  • There has been an increase in the number of students enrolling for the first time in university ICT courses.

In July 2008 the Government launched the Magellan program through which every child can apply for a laptop for free or at a very low price (with, or without, an internet connection). The Portuguese Government has also placed a high priority on new pedagogical materials, internet safety services and resources, including those for special needs pupils.