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Tell a story // Video 'book trailers' (Italy)

Raffaella Fiorini is an iTEC teacher in Liceo Classico Chris Cappell in Anzio, Italy. While studying works of English literature with her class, Raffaella decided to create ‘book trailers’ for the books; that is, short reviews of the books in video format.

In carrying out this project, Raffaella wanted her pupils to learn not only about the books in question, and to improve their English, but to learn the principles of audio-visual editing, and to collaborate with one another and learn project-based skills:

“It is not only the narrative content; it's about arousing interest in the book in potential new readers. The aim is to share the emotions. That's all in the choice of the music, of the images, the video editing”.

To read the news story, click here.

To embed the book trailers as widgets, go to the iTEC widget store, and search for 'book trailer'.


Teacher: Raffaella Fiorini

School: Liceo Classico Chris Cappell

Country: Italy