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Case Study // Designing Maths Games (Lithuania)

This case study story is the one of a Lithuanian teacher engaged in the cycle 3 of pilots (Sept-Dec 2012). It gives an overview on what happenned in the classroom and on the impact of these activities as analysed by the teachers and the students.


  • Age of students: 8-10 years old
  • Number in class: 18
  • The subject: Maths     
  • Aims/Objectives: To improve students’ mathematical knowledge, to develop IT skills (eg programming) and to improve team working skills.
  • Over what period of time? One lesson a week over 6-8 weeks
  • Location of lessons? Computer lab
  • Resources: Scratch, blogs, Google translate, Primary Wall, Corkboard

Teachers and students experiences: What happened ? 

Older primary students created games on the subject of geometry for younger primary students in grades 2-4 of primary school.  The games were based on the topics covered under the primary curriculum.  Students searched the web for ideas for their game (including English language sites using Google Translate).  Students could choose to work in a team, in a pair or alone. Students presented their games to each other and received feedback from their peers on their blog and face to face in their classes.

Key innovations: What was new or different overall ?

  • New methods of assessment and assessment tools: The teacher used Primary Wall, Corkboard and blogs to support assessment.  Students offered feedback on each other’s games.
  • Teacher better able to select most appropriate technologies for particular tasks: “First we used very simple devices (during the 2nd cycle). Now we are more familiar with different software. Different kind of software could be chosen for different kind of learning activities, and teacher is able to choose tools purposefully for presentation, or narrative activities.” (Teacher)

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