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Interactive local history project - iTEC in Spetalan school (Norway)

Pupils at Spetalen School in Norway created an interactive walking trail as part of local history project. The pupils had studied myths and legends associated with their local area, and then created multimedia presentations on their chosen story. The pupils' presentations were then uploaded on the class blog, and a QR code was generated for each individual story. The QR codes were then printed off and left at the various points around the local area where the legends supposedly took place. Pupils were then able to walk the trail, scan the QR codes and view one another’s' presentation at the 'scene of the crime', so to speak.

The project was carried out with iTEC's partner in Norway, the Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education. "I think the project is very interesting, the technical set-up was easy, and the students loved it", said Jørund Høie Skaug, who leads the iTEC project in Norway.

Teacher: Hilde Øde

School: Spetalen Skole

Country: Norway