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Case Study // Designing a Physics Simulation (Israel)

 This case study story relates the experience of an Israeli teacher engaged in the cycle 3 of pilots (Sept-Dec 2012). It gives an overview on what happenned in the classroom and on the impact of these activities as analysed by the teachers and the students.


  • Age of students: 5th and 6th grade(10-12 years)
  • The subject: Science & Technology
  • Aims/Objectives: Providing means for using network tools (as a user and as a designer) which support learning; Creative thinking involved in the processes of searching for information and developing a higher order of thinking through planning and design process.

Teachers and students experiences: What happened ? 

Fifth graders prepared activities on the topic of Metals, while sixth graders prepared activities on the topic of Energy.  Both groups created activities which were posted on the gallery of the scenarios generator application,, in both Hebrew and English versions.

Key innovations: What was new or different overall ?

Students’ work gains a wider audience: "We have uploaded, for other people, stuff from which they can learn, and I think this way is very interesting and unique." (Student)

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