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Flipping classrooms in Physics lessons (Lithuania)

I am Virginija Bireniene and I am a Physics teacher, and my students are 14 year old. I took part in the cycle 3 of pre-pilots, during wihich I have located the scenario “Home work and schoolwork “flip”.  To implement the scenario, I have chosen the topic “Simple Machines”, and used the Learning Activity Package "Benchmark and Design".

First, I created content by using VLE Moodle. I think Moodle is really good experience for students’ education and their pedagogical development from the point of the online and digital learning.

Then I let the pupils form their own groups of four/five students and asked them to choose their group by using TeamUp tool. Then I assigned the groups with their tasks and gave them a week time to prepare for the final presentation of their groups. I needed 2 lessons for this entire introduction.

After that, they started to design their own presentations about different simple machines using the Moodle content or by searching content on the Web. They created wikis and have edited the stuff together. Finally, on the final presentation day, I evaluated their performances on a rubric scale and gave positive feedback. Thus, my students had the opportunity to use and practice what they have learned by teaching other students in the class.

This scenario is very interesting, easily applicable, quick, and easy to implement. The students could change their roles from students to teachers and they liked it. They felt more responsible and motivated, because they needed to teach other students.