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Students Learning Coding and producing their own games using Scratch (at first) (Turkey)

My students have learnt the mentality of coding system, they have also learnt they can manage lots of things by the power of imagination. They produced their own games and animations. By means of their successful contribution to the lessons, they have taken their initiative about their learning. They have gained enough knowledge on some matters, for example, how does a computer game works or how does an animation behave. To sum up, they have learnt doing, implementing and living (really) the learning process.

At a glance

  • Localtion: Zonguldak/Ereğli Turkey
  • School: Dağlıca Secondary School
  • Teacher: Onur Kalafat
  • Age of students: 11-12
  • The subject: English, ICT and Software
  • Aims/Objectives: Dream, Explore, Map, Make,Ask, Remake, Show, The Leaning Story Choosen -Create a game

Lesson objectives 

Students will learning computer programming for a long term goal. They are starting to learn the mentality of coding. They will be able to create their own games and instead of being technology consumers, they will start to produce technology. For a second long term goal but not very long as the first one they will start to earn money from their own games.

A "walk-through" of the lesson

We implemented  our learning story at ICT and software lessons. I am English Teacher but I am responsible also for ICT and sofware lessons. We have choosen the learning story of Creating a game. My students are very keen on computer games. I tried to make them produce their own games and told them you could also also earn money from your own games by unsharing it on web site. They liked it very much. Because of the lack of computers at school and at their homes we used my computers and a projection device (of the school) and some equipments (wireless, keyboards etc.) We had only a netbook, an ipad and an iphone for studies. At ICT and software Lessons we gathered at a classroom which is equiped with a projection device. Before the lessons I took a color copy of example code and instructions on it or we used ipad for instructions and netbook for doing the work. There were 16 students in my pilot classroom. Our computers were nearly enough. And one group studied with iphone to learn code system at web site. At a final product we managed to produce a vocabulary quiz game, a car racing game, an underwater shark game, and tried prepare a space rocket game and some animations (an aquarium, a footballer making some movements, a dance scene) I have seen my students are enjoying very much from their learning experience and we couldn't understand how this lesson finishes nearly at a moment's notice:).

iTEC technologies and other tools used

  • A netbook, an Ipad, an Iphone, A projection device, wireless internet, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, remote mouse iphone/ipad app, classdojo, mind meister mapping tool, teamup, prezi, google for research, itec widget store, composer, PED

Teacher feedback

The most different situaion was students were enjoying very much from their learning experience, The challanges were all about the lack of enough knowledge on programing languages. I have tried to make it easy for my students. The others were the lack of enough computers and some equipmentss like smart board and tablets etc. For ICT and software lessons that may be the best choice of implementing the lessons and we can also produce vocabulary games animations for English language lessons. I learned about that if a program or web-2.0 tool is a real helper for students' learning, students like very much  and they even don't want to give up studying on it.

Students feedback

We are learning by enjoyable ways really. The challanges may be not being able to reach instruction materials beacuse we live in a village. Moreover we are not so poor but our parents are villagers and they work on the farm most of the time or they are shepherds. Because of that they do not even know how to use computers and they are in the opinion of computers may distract us from our lessons. However, I liked this learning system becuse we are learing from our own experiences. I learned about that learnnig may be much enjoyable if the learing tool is really well eqiuped and provide the needs of the students'. 

Key innovations identified

  • Learning from students their own experiences, computers are useful in fact but if we know how to use them according to our needs, We do not have to addict computer games we may produce useful computer games, We have learnt really the code system and how does a computer game produced. 

Success factors

The success factors may be scratch's enjoyable learning environment, the attraction of computer world's new developments, and teacher's eagerness on computer science and well desires. For example, I have read 2 computer magazines and 2 computure games magazines evey month and give as gift their poster promotions etc. to the students.

Successful outcomes

In my opinion my students are more social nowadays because they see they can manage to achieve lots of things by effort and learning enjoyment, they have some ideals and skills which they will need in their future career. They believe, by means of their imagination and desire they can reach every  goal.

Tips and advice to other teachers

Reading about computers and giving themselves to the attraction of computer world, taking the responsibilty of project based learning,  taking the advantage of students enjoyment of learning in project based lessons, prefering to be active teachers and not to prefer being ordinary, taking radical risks by the permision of school administration and national project coordinators.


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