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Telling the story of our Hometown Bursa (Turkey)

This story relates the experience of Hilal Dogu, an English teacher engaged in the cycle 4 of iTEC pilots (March-June 2013). It gives an overview on what happenned in the classroom and on the impact of these activities as analysed by Hilal. 

The whole class was divided into groups as three or four persons.They worked together.Thep planned where they would introduce and describe and then decided who would tell which parts. After that they made the videos and showed during the lessons.A group presented their video each week.After that they were uploaded on youtube and then to the class website.The teacher just guided and helped them while they are desighing the website.

At a glance

  • Localtion:  Bursa, Turkey
  • School: Sükrü şankaya anadolu lisesi
  • Teacher: Hilal Doğu
  • The subject: English
  • Piloted activities:  Telling a story

Lesson objectives 

To teach them Simple Present Tense.To describe places they have been to.

A "walk-through" of the lesson

At first I divided the whole class into groups because I wanted all the students to take part in the project so everybody was in the project and they just practised what they learnt during the lessons.Each group worked together and planned their video.At the beginning it was really hard for them to take the videos and talk but after that they  enjoyed and really had a good time .I have experienced that the relationship and friendship between the students got better.The weak ones helped the stronger ones.For example some students were really good at using technologhy while the others good at speaking English.But at the end all the students talked and made a film about the place they have visited.After that they presented their videos in class.Every week a group presented their video.So it took us about 2 months to see their presentations and approximately 2 months to prepare their videos.

iTEC technologies and other tools used

We used Weebly the website of our class project.Also we used team up to make groups.They used movie maker to cut and add videos.They used Prezi to present their movies.

Teacher feedback

I noticed that while they are taking part in this project a new enthusiasm and motivation was brought to English lessons.They did the movies voluntarily.They had really good time and while they are doing their projects they enjoyed it and learnt it which we want them to have.They just had a good time while learning.They even created some back scienes sections.They showed us the mistaked they did and what they laughed at and how they had a good time.As a teacher this was a very nice experience for me.My students did the whole things.I was proud of them.

Students feedback

At the end of project they have posted some comments on the website saying they really loved the project and thanking me.

Key innovations identified

It is obvious that we will go on our lessons using ITEC projects,we enjoyed it and we want to use it again.

Success factors

As they worked in groups,everybody used their English even the weakest ones.They were helped by their group friends and brainstorming provided to create nice videos.

Successful outcomes

Their habit of using different web tools in lessons changed.I have noticed that some kind of presentations started to be used by the whole school students who weren't in the project.They taught the others too.Even some teachers learnt something from their students:)One of the students used Prezi for his Geography project.The teacher was amazed and said"What an amazing presentation it is!".

Tips and advice to other teachers

I advice the whole teachers to use ITEC in their classes because we as teachers should reach them in some way,the age we live in is a digital age so we should keep up with the technology and use the technologhy in an effective way for teaching.