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Visualising coastal defences (Spain)

When constructing a system of coastal defences to protect against erosion; not only the environmental impact must be considered, but also the visual impact, as coastal management schemes can often be the source of controversy.

These were among the factors that Chris Long asked his pupils to consider when proposing new designs for coastal defences. Pupils used Google Sketch to visualise and present their ideas, and used the class blog to reflect upon their progress. The class used ActivExpression to measure the support among pupils for the various schemes proposed.

Eliza, one of pupils taking part, had this to say about the project: “It was a bit hard to choose the defenses, as we had to make sure they would last long, keep the beach looking natural and wouldn’t be too expensive. But in the end, we managed to decide, and we think it’s a good decision.

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  • Teacher: Chris Long
  • School: English International School, Marbella
  • Country: Spain