Technologies Technologies

The primary purpose of the Technologies section is to provide concrete training and support material on iTEC-specific technologies, and inspiration through examples of innovative or just engaging pedagogical activities enhanced by the use of digital technology.


Language Language
iTEC Environments iTEC Environments

The vision of the iTEC project focuses on innovative and engaging technologies and how they may be used to make teaching and learning better and more engaging. The technologies include mobile devices, interactive whiteboard technologies, and a wide range of web-based tools and services.

Cycles, activities and tools Cycles, activities and tools

iTEC is not about technologies. It is about developing innovative uses of technologies for learning.

iTEC learning stories and activities can be implemented in many ways. In this section we will look at iTEC activities and how specific tools and services may be used to support and enhance those activities.

Widgets Widgets

Tailoring a learning story to a specific set of activities can be a complex task.

In order to reduce part of the complexity, a key idea of iTEC is to make tools, services and content available in the form of widgets.

Inspiration Inspiration

In this part of the Resources area you will find a mixed bag consisting of references to tools, examples of tailored learning environments and stories, as well as references to interesting videoes, sites with useful information etc.

We will, hopefully, be able to add input to this area from visitors to the iTEC Teacher Community.