Upcoming workshops and webinars Upcoming workshops and webinars

 New teacher training courses at the Future Classroom Lab - Apply for funding through ErasmusPlus

Are you looking for courses and workshops for yourself or for your school's teachers? Popular two-day workshops on different topics as well as comprehensive five-day courses will be organised at the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels. The workshops and courses are open to teachers from across Europe, so view here the training programme for 2014-2015.


EUN Academy

 Free course "Future Classroom Scenarios" at the European Schoolnet Academy

The European Schoolnet Academy is an online course platform to help deliver our training and professional development resources, free-of-cost, to a wider audience. The first two courses that the Academy will deliver are the ‘Future Classroom Scenarios’ course, and the ‘Innovative Practices for Engaging STEM Teaching’. The ‘Future Classroom Scenarios’ has been developed by the pedagogical experts involved in developing iTEC’s Learning Activities and Toolkits, and is aimed at teachers, at both primary and secondary level, who wish to develop their own future classroom scenario, and innovate in their everyday teaching practice. Read more and sign up for the course here


 5-day course in Brussels: Future Classroom – adapting pedagogical practice

A new CPDLab course “Future Classroom – adapting pedagogical practice” has been published in the Comenius in-service training database (ref: BE-2014-296-003). The course is aimed for secondary school teachers and will provide a very practical workshop-based experience to help teachers adapt their current pedagogical practice, and learn new tools and skills. The course will run  in 17-21 March 2014. The course description and the registration are available at the Future Classroom Lab website: fcl.eun.org


 Open webinars and other "snacks" for teachers' professional development

The Living Schools Lab project provides various Continuing Professional Development opportunities for teachers. These CPD "snacks" can be short Twitter discussions, practitioner-led webinars, or topic-specific webinars. Read more, select your favourite snacks and sign up here: lsl.eun.org/cpd


 International teacher workshop on the design of Future Classroom Activities, Brussels, date to be confirmed

The workshop is a unique opportunity to work and share experiences and ideas with teachers from across Europe and an occasion to discover the European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab (FCL) tools. The Future Classroom Lab is a fully equipped, reconfigurable, teaching and learning space. The programme and the registration will be available in early 2014.


Previous workshops and webinars Previous workshops and webinars

27-28 August 2013: International teachers workshop on Future Classroom Learning Activities - Future Classroom Lab, Brussels

The August iTEC international workshop offered its participants the opportunity to get trained on the development and use of Future Classroom practices. The course was organised around three modules over two days:

  1. Learning Activities and Design Challenges: Presentation of the iTEC design process to create innovative Learning Activities for the classroom.
  2. Composing Stories and Activities: Completion of the Learning Activities drafted in Module 1, identification of resources and lesson planning.
  3. Presentation of the outcomes and reflection: Presentation of the set of activities designed by the participants, reflection and further planning on introduction of innovation in teaching practices.

More than 20 teachers from all over Europe took part in the event. 

15 May 2013: International webinar on VLE and 3D - online

The best way to understand the great teaching and learning potential of Multi User Virtual Environments (MUVE) is to step in and give it a try!

That's why this webinar was run as a 'muvinar': the event was held in 'edMondo' (not 'Edmodo'), the virtual world for education tailored by INDIRE. During the event, participants got familiar with the basic functions of edMondo and immersed in a real learning experience.It was a good opportunity to get inspired and share ideas for developing learning stories in 3D virtual spaces.

The webinar was led by Andrea Benassi from INDIRE, the National institue for innovation in education, Italy. The recording will be shortly available.

6-7 May 2013: International teachers workshop on Future Classroom Scenarios - Future Classroom Lab, Brussels

The iTEC workshop held in May offered its participants the opportunity to get trained on the development and use of Future Classroom practices and in particular it was:  

  • A European workshop on the Future Classroom Scenarios development and  implementation
  • A unique opportunity to work and share with teachers from across Europe
  • The occasion to discover and the European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab (FCL), a fully equipped, reconfigurable, teaching and learning space.

The course was organised around 3 modules:

1.     The Future Classroom and a foresight approach: Overview of the ITEC project’s approach to development of Future Classroom Scenarios with examples for inspiration. Group activity based on assertions on future working methods and environments.
2.     Educational landscape in the future: Changing educational landscape, changing teaching pedagogy supported by technology, student-centred learning, projects. Using trends to inspire Future Classroom Scenarios
3.     Working with scenarios: The Future Scenarios Toolkit for schools, exploring how to use it, working in groups with developing Future Classroom Scenarios.

The pictures can be found here and the training documents here.

27 February 2013: Webinar on the flipped classroom

The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed. It seems to be revolutionizing education in USA. How about Europe?
In this webinar the core principles of a flipped classroom and different ways in which it might practically be achieved were discussed from a European perspective. The webinar was led by the researcher Tarmo Toikkanen from Aalto university in Finland.

25-26 February 2013: Third international teachers workshop - Future Classroom Lab, Brussels

This workshop was a 9 hour course spread over two days in the European Schoolnet Future Classroom Lab in Brussels.The workshop included hands on and interactive sessions on the Future Classroom practices, supporting technologies and the use of iTEC learning activities in the classroom.
The course gave participants an opportunity to work with other teachers from across Europe to develop innovative ideas for the future classroom, and to explore new ideas and technologies for use to enhance classroom delivery.

22 teachers from 10 countries attended the workshop, which was delivered in English.

  • The detailed agenda and the worlshop related material can be foud in the Library under the "Teacher worlshop" folder.

6-7 September 2012: Second iTEC international teacher workshop - Future Classroom Lab, Brussels

The workshop aimed to familiarise teachers to the use of the nex iTEC technologies for teaching, in particular for the use of iTEC Learning Activities in the classroom.

19 teachers from 16 different countries were presented with the two new iTEC Learning Activities, 'Observe and design’, and 'Benchmark and design’. These new Learning Activities, structured to stimulate students’ creativity by presenting them with a real-world design challenge, are being rolled-out during the curent cycle of the iTEC school pilots

New iTEC technologies were also presented over the course of the workshop. The third cycle of the iTEC school pilots will feature ‘shells’, or virtual learning environments (VLEs). The iTEC shells will be supported by a number of new pedagogical tools, among them the iTEC widget store. The widget store allows teachers to create their own educational widgets – simple web-based applications – to assist them delivering their course material. Teachers can then rate and tag the widgets, providing a peer-reviewed database of free technological tools for use in their classes.

To search for widgets, developed rated by iTEC teachers, for use in your classes, go tohttp://itec.eun.org/web/guest/widgets.

The event was a great opportunity for teachers from all over Europe to meet, share and exchange ideas.

  • The presentations made during the event are available here, and the pictures here.
Training opportunities offered in iTEC Training opportunities offered in iTEC

To accompany the adoption of the future classroom practices, the iTEC project is offering a range of face to face and online trainings for teachers, seeking to embed the use of innovative approaches and technologies in the classroom.

  • Workshops in the Future Classroom Lab, Brussels

Objective: These events aim to support teachers understanding and use of iTEC resources and to develop key competences as defined by the European Commission, the UNESCO/EPICT teacher competences and students 21st century skills: communicating, collaborating, problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, digital literacy.  

Audience: The workshop is open to iTEC teachers and involves 20 participants from 10 countries each time. The language of the event is English.

  • Online webinars

Objective: The webinars seek to offer a space for experience sharing and exchange of good practices, in particular in the use of iTEC resources. Past webinars have focused on bringing innovation in the classroom, 21st century skills, eSafety, using interactive Whiteboards, collaborative projects.

Audience: The webinar is open to all teachers, including teachers who are not involved in the iTEC project, and involves up to 50 participants. The language of the event is English.