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iTEC's Austrian project partner BM:UKK (Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur) explains how the iTEC project is being implemented in Austria.


Pupils in Estonia use iTEC's learning activities to examine the effects acid rain


iTEC project partners Aalto University demonstrate the use of media tools in providing feedback on and assessing pupils' work


Members of the iTEC High Level Group, which includes a number of former Ministers of Education, speak about their vision for the future of the project.


A 5th grade class in Oulu, Finland, learn about environmental issues in their local area through use of video and digital media.


Pupils in Rize, Turkey, using the iTEC learning activity 'Observe and design'


Pupils from Oulu, Finland, studying outdoors as part of the iTEC project


Pupils in Trentham, United Kingdom, using iTEC's learning activities to prepare for examinations.

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