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The Presenter widget

There are a number of interesting widget depending on what sort of content you are looking for. In terms of functionality the Presenter widget is probably the most interesting widget. The presenter widget allows you during the setup of, for instance, a Moodle course to insert an embed code to any embeddable web content.

Thus, the Presenter widget is a generic YouTube player widget into which you can paste any YouTube embed code. But you can also create embed codes out of other web2.0 services.

The following example initializes the presenter widget with the TitanPad editor, which is a copy of the EtherPad editor:

<iframe width="800" height="640" src="http://titanpad.com/XCb9Lc8zNg"></iframe>

In this way you can create as many different 'widgets' as you need with just one widget.


Presentation of the presenter widget